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Oct 27, 2012 7:00pm EDT
natural -- natural energy. these ar our buses to compressed natural gases. i went to bill wisconsin in build -- i wanto to wisconsin and america beard >> same question for you. >> for manufacturing, i would try to build on the work i've already done by having passed a bipartisan legislation for the paper industry with china is subsidizing to the tune of billions of dollars. we have seen those close. we need to do the same with the emerging solar panel industry and auto parts. a companion piece of legislation i would work on is pushing america policies, and the particular homeland defense and national security. when we pay u.s. tax dollars, they ought to be supporting u.s. jobs. often we are not using u.s. employees for these things. and what i made in wisconsin for earlier -- i went on a made in wisconsin tour earlier and too often those jobs are going overseas and that is irresponsible. summit johnson was talking about -- tommy thompson was talking about drilling in alaska to create jobs here. it is ridiculous. if an energy products -- creek page in wisconsin. -- that would create
Oct 27, 2012 10:30pm EDT
banking center. >> it is primarily a finance center. we have been working to expand our energy base as well with duke energy as kind of a hub of that. but historically has been finance center. we took strong hit in 2008 when wachovia and bank of america both got hit pretty strong. that said, it's still finance town. >> ann in aurora, colorado, is our next caller. she's on our line for independents. go ahead, ann. >> hi, thank you. i used to work for one of the large financial firms and interested because north carolina is a large financial center and romney touted as businessman to get the economy going. but he said that he's going to reverse frank dodd and i think he was pandering to tea partiers after that. so i think that was maintained to pandering to the independents. as best i can tell, he and ryan's policy assimilates accounts in britain, which is now in a full-blown recession. so i think no one can tell what romney is truly saying or speaking. he changes frequently. i think he says whatever to close the deal on wall street, and i think also he's saying anything to close the
Oct 28, 2012 4:05pm EDT
, the department of energy, and others that will need to respond very quickly. we have had a chance to talk to regional officials as well. i just had a phone call with the governors of the potentially impacted states and cities in the region. at this stage everyone is confident that the staging process, the positioning of resources, commodities, and equipment that will be needed to respond to the storm are in place. as craig has emphasized, this has not made landfall yet. we do not yet know where it will hit, where we're going to see the biggest impacts. that is exactly why it is so important for us to respond big and fast as local information starts coming in. i want to thank all of the members of the team for the outstanding work they're doing, but the other thing that makes this storm unique is that we anticipate it will be slow moving. meaning it may take a long time not only to clear, but to get, for example, power companies back in to clear out the trees and put things back in place so that folks can start moving back home. my main message to everyone involved is that we have to take
Oct 29, 2012 3:30am EDT
. there is virtually no new investment in iran's energy sector, except by iranian firms themselves. international firms have pulled out in droves. not only investors, but also suppliers of basic parts, equipment, and services due to not only u.s., but also european union, japanese, south korean, and other sanctions. the net effect is iran has become a marginal player in the international oil industry. and if the current trajectory continues, it is on its way to being nearly eliminated as a player in that industry. however, the effect of sanctions on iran's energy sector will make it hard for iran to return to its position in the industry if there is a deal, if there is a nuclear deal, and if the international community wants to then ease sanctions. the energy sanctions are taking a severe toll on their economy. everyone aware of the plummeting value. i helped to look more closely, try to look at their hard currency reserves, and it's my understanding that those reserves have fallen to about $70 billion from a level of about $105 billion at the he happened of 2011. trita talked about the proverbial cup
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4